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Websites for Creative Professionals SERVING CREATIVES SINCE 2002

     View two-year agreement terms (One-year and two-year options require advance payment)         

Pricing Details:
  • One-time setup fee: Free
    Includes initial setup of your domain name on our servers and full personalized tech support for getting your site running and looking its best using SiteWelder's software. We'll also help you to optimize your site for search engines and get your site indexed on the three primary search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo. We will point your domain name so that typing in your domain name brings up your personal domain name with your SiteWelder setup. We will also offer domain registration and email through domainwelder.com.

  • Hosting:
    Includes unlimited image galleries with up to 5,000 total images , up to ten informational pages about you and your business, 24/7 access to site administration features, five email accounts, full site statistics (gives you complete reports about visitors, page views, referring sites, search terms and much more - updated hourly!) and ongoing tech support by phone or email. Also includes free FotoMoto or PayPal integration to sell your prints or work online.

    $13 monthly discount on a one-year-in-advance payment.
    $17 monthly discount on a two-year-in-advance payment.

  • Half-price for second sites
    Many of our users buy a second site to feature different work to different audiences (you might be an advertising photographer who also has a separate wedding site, for example) - setup and ongoing hosting fees are half-price for secondary sites.

  • Free Fotomoto or self-fulfillment shopping cart integration
    With this powerful feature, you can have an instant shopping cart on your site for your images and work - no additional fee. All of SiteWelder's designs are integrated with Fotomoto's powerful shopping cart setup. Also, you can easily set up your shopping cart for self-fulfillment with payments through PayPal. Both options include persistent placement of shopping cart icons in your site navigation for easy customer shopping.

Other Site Options:
  • FTP service
    Upload large files for client downloads or create quick Photoshop web galleries for viewing by your users.

  • Domain name registration and email
    SiteWelder's Domain Welder gives you an easy option for registering new domain names and setting up email. As an affilliate domain name provider of Godaddy.com, you have the best domain and email service available, all at a great price.

  • Extra images: $5 a month for extra blocks of 5,000 images (5,000 images included in normal price)
    For large sites with large image requirements, call or email us for a special price quote.

  • Site customization or integration
    Contact us for a quote on customizing or integrating your web site into SiteWelder. For small customizations to one of our site layouts, we will make a custom layout design for you free of charge.

While shopping for the software to create your web site, you'll find some cheaper services which claim to offer comparable features. The old adage "you get what you pay for" is as true as ever, though.

With SiteWelder, you get unparalleled technical support when you create your site and as you use it over time. We'll personally guide you through the fine points of assembling your site in a way which helps you display your work in its best possible light.

Many of our customers tell us that our personal touch is one of the things which really separates us from other web companies.

When your site is live, you can rest assured you have chosen a top-tier Internet company for your web site our founders have been developing and hosting web sites for small and large companies since 1996. SiteWelder has been around since 2002, when we first launched our system at PhotoPlus Expo in New York. And we are aggressively expanding our system with exciting new capabilities and features which will enable you to keep in front of technology and the web.

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