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GREEN WAVE - Kauai, Hawaii
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Sheila Smith Images
New York photographer Sheila Smith creates an artistic vision of street scenes, flower portraits and people.
Sheila Smith
User News:   British Photographer of the Year Award ... Saltwater Exhibition ... IPA Award ... iPhone Cuba Images ... Head On Portrait Prize ...  Read More

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HTML5 Website Designs
SiteWelder includes 25 built-in designs and over 800 color themes. With our latest HTML5 design templates, your images and content will scale automatically on different monitor sizes. There is never a charge for changing your design choice, and we can easily set up a custom private color theme for your branding as well.

Recent upgrades to all designs include Fotomoto photography shopping cart integration and an embedded cart icon for navigational menus. Menu items can be easily sorted to display your content the way you want. Site-wide search functionality is available for our latest two designs, Copenhagen and Santa Fe.
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Shopping Cart Photography Websites
Built into every SiteWelder website is an optional photography shopping cart and proofing system integrated with Fotomoto. With an easy-to-use interface, it is simple to sell items. Also, items can be proofed and sold with a self-fulfillment option through a builit-in PayPal shopping cart option.

With no merchant account necessary, SiteWelder is the easiest way to sell items online. Customers can pay with all major credit cards or PayPal.
Fotomoto Credit cards Master Card Visa American Express Discover
Social Networking
Social Networking
Integrating your social networking options into SiteWelder is easy and customizable. With our easy-to-use interface, you choose your social networking buttons and place them on your website in a customized sort order. Your social icons can display in different sizes and in color or black-and-white.

We include full options for social networking, include like and share buttons for Facebook. Social options include Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Blogger and Flickr.
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
With SiteWelder's excellent SEO tools, it is easy to optimize your site for search engine placement. From the ground up, SiteWelder is designed with search engine optimization in mind. SiteWelder's websites are built with standard HTML to enable proper search indexing by Google, Bing or Yahoo.

We work with you to identify your best possible search phrases and placement for your business. Once you've decided what you want to be found for, we go to work with you, inserting key phrases in the most imporant parts of your website.

SiteWelder makes it easy to update your SEO features as well - our "Search Central" section of your SiteWelder Site Manager enables you to update your site title, meta description and keywords, anytime you wish. All informational pages can be edited with unique meta description tags as well.
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Mobile Web Sites
With SiteWelder's built-in mobile website options, your site will automatically display in optimized format on phones and tablets, including iPhones and iPads.

All you need to do is choose one of our mobile design options and colors - your web site will appear normally on normal computers and optimized for mobile devices on phones and tablets.
VideoSiteWelder makes it simple to display high-end streaming video in galleries or informational pages through our integration with Vimeo. Just set up an account at Vimeo.com, upload your videos, and you're ready to go. We use your Vimeo account ID to automatically display individual videos or albums on your pages.

When your site displays on a mobile device, Vimeo's multiple delivery options optimize your videos for fast and quality display.

When it comes to presenting your work as multimedia projects, SiteWelder helps you look your best. From video galleries to the ability to embed other multimedia content directly into your pages, you're in control.
Ted Hartshorn
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Ted Hartshorn Photographer
Steven Sheridan
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Stephen Sheridan
Customer Service
Customer Service
Great customer service and support is the foundation of SiteWelder. From friendly telephone support to clear and useful email support, we are here to help you and guide you through questions and improvements you want to make to your website.

When you first try us out as a demo account, we'll contact you to guide you through your questions. We're here to help make your website look great and come up high in search results. SiteWelder is easy-to-use and many of our new customers have a short list of questions, but we're here to help make your site into something really special and stand out from your competition.

Contact us - we are happy to serve you.
"Working with Sandee Long at Sitewelder.com has been an amazing experience! I had no idea how to put together a website and thought I would have to pay some professional web designer a bunch of money to do one for me. A photographer friend who took most of the photos of my work told me about SiteWelder and I was able to put together most of it myself and then Sandee helped me through any difficulties I had. I LOVE the way I can just decide to add photos or information pages at any point in time and they appear immediately! I made a change tonight and my husband got the change on his iPad immediately!
How cool is that?"

- Becky Gottsegen, beckygottsegen.com
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SiteWelder creates photography websites for photographers and artists and creative professionals using scalable image designs with its online software.
SiteWelder delivers photography websites for photographers and digital artists through an easy-to-use interface. By using SiteWelder's unique web site creation tools, a digital wedding photographer can create a highly effective and attractive web site which is compatible on all formats, including iPads and iPhones and mobile devices. SiteWelder's top-tier hosting facilities provide high quality and dependable hosting for your web site, including photography shopping carts and proofing tools.

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