Customer Raves

David Burnett
When I looked for a web host, the most impressive thing for me about Sitewelder was that I had a great choice of templates (the pictures reproduced big and quickly on screen) and I could, when needed, change the look, the edits, everything, from a hotel room, exactly as I'm doing now. A wonderful combination of Ease and Elegance.

- David Burnett,
... my web site continues to bring in work and compliments. In fact, I've just had the best year ever! I've spread the word near and far about your designs, the ease of construction and your super service.

Thanks. Keep up the good work!

- Deborah Gray Mitchell,
Deborah Gray Mitchell
Gary ParkerI've had two websites with Sitewelder since 2008. I'm happy to say I've been nothing but amazed and pleased by the FANTASTIC CUSTOMER SERVICE Alan and Mason have delivered every time I called or emailed, sometimes at 3 in the morning! I couldn't ask for better service.

Any time I've had a dumb question or an idea for how to improve my websites, these guys have been immediately responsive, often offering much better ideas than my own. Their willingness to customize my sites using my own logos and my own designers' assorted ideas has been terrific.

The ability to totally control my own websites - knowing nothing about HTML, Flash or building websites -has made an enormous difference in the quantity of client contacts and assignments we have scored! LOVE the fact I can make a sweet image this afternoon and have it online within 2 minutes of completing the imaging.

I highly recommend Sitewelder for their ongoing spirit of helpfulness and incredible ease of use to all photographers and artists of any persuasion."

- Gary Parker,
Keith TrumboThe more I work with my web site the more I appreciate how great it is.

Please pass along my thanks from a very satisfied customer to the powers that be and thanks again for your always patience and technical hand-holding expertise.

The software may be great but it always comes down to personal relationships and Sitewelder is lucky to have you.

- Keith Trumbo,

Carol GinandesSiteWelder made the daunting task of creating a web site, not only doable but a joy! Going from 0-60 in this critical area of photo marketing seemed amazing and quickly made it possible to make my work available at a national level.

I have heard nothing but admiring comments for the web page design. Although as an artist, I am tempted to take credit, I always sing the praises of your company and recommend you to others.

- Carol Ginandes,

Frish PhotoI launched my first SiteWelder website in January 2008 and I have been consistently pleased, through many iterations and updates, over these 7 years! The ease of updating images and appearance, the visual impact of the designs, and the effective and friendly customer service combine to make SiteWelder an outstanding experience.

I want to give special kudos to Sandee and Rily, who repeatedly have provided amazing tech support!

-Rich Frishman,

Chuck TrotterWow, what a wonderful group of people to be found at SiteWelder. I was searching for a website template that would reflect positively on my photography. There were issues with each that I explored ranking from too amateurish to not very user-friendly.

Then I happened upon SiteWelder. Their templates and set-up procedure was almost like they were reading my mind on what I wanted out of a website. But even these wonderful attributes took a backseat to the helpful nature of their staff who worked with me to adjust the site to exactly meet my needs and preferences. The level of customer service provided greatly exceeded my expectations. Thanks to the staff at SiteWelder for helping me to make my site exactly what I wanted and needed.

- Chuck Trotter,
Elaine NunnallyMy experience with SiteWelder was just the best! The support was terrific. Any questions I had were immediately answered by my contact, who was very supportive and patient. She walked me through this process and helped me in so many ways. I was able to navigate the whole procedure and am quite happy with the results.

In addition to that, the process of updating the website is SO easy. I am not a "techie", but I was able to do all of this, with a little help from SiteWelder. I highly recommend SiteWelder to anyone who is setting up a website. Also, Fotomoto allows me to sell my work online without any hassle.

Thank you so much!!!

- Elaine Nunnally,


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