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SiteWelder launched in October 2002 as a powerful software tool to provide an easy-to-use online interface for photographers, artists and other creative professionals who want to create and dynamically maintain web sites.

SiteWelder was originally created as a product of Tango Interactive, where we have been creating web sites for individuals and companies since 1996. Our clients at Tango Interactive have included Photo District News, Kodak, Sanyo Fisher, the InterAmerican Development Bank and a wide variety of individual photographers and photographic organizations.

SiteWelder, L.L.C. is owned and operated by managing partners Mason Miller and Alan Dorow. Mason Miller is Chief Technical Officer and founded Netstreet Networks and Listings to Go. An accomplished musician, Miller taught computer programming classes at Learning Tree International for ten years. He is also a leader in web application programming, having done work for several Fortune 500 companies as well as the United States Government. Alan Dorow is Design Director and founded Tango Interactive and online magazine Musarium. Dorow worked as an editorial freelance photographer for 15 years in New York and Washington, D.C., as well as a photo editor at the New York Times Magazine under Kathy Ryan. He also taught as a visiting professor at R.I.T., where he was introduced to new media technology. With a broad background in Internet technology and the visual arts, Miller and Dorow bring a powerful blend of art and technology to SiteWelder.

A privately-owned company, SiteWelder is prudently managed and carries no long-term debt load. Even with the current global economic downturn, SiteWelder will continue to be a successful long-term software provider for its thousands of hardworking professional site owners. Miller and Dorow continually lead SiteWelder towards new development for SiteWelder, with new website technologies, tools and features and an ever-expanding infrastructure for delivering website content at the highest speeds available from our top-tier hosting facility near Washington, D.C.

Learn more about how SiteWelder works in Details and Pricing.

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