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How do I create a website with SiteWelder?
All you need is your images in digital format and an online connection. Through our easy-to-use interface, you choose your design, upload your images, create galleries and different informational pages for your site. You can change the order of your images, add captions and sell your work online with our built-in shopping cart interface. Our PicProofs module allows you to seamlessly integrate image proofing into your website. All of this is done by logging into SiteWelder with a secure connection from any computer, anywhere in the world, 24/7.
Is technical support included?
Yes - we offer first-class human technical support and will give you help over the phone or through email. You can reach us through our toll-free number from 9 am to 7 pm, Monday through Friday, and we will get back to you via email quickly on weekends, usually within two hours.
How many images can I upload into SiteWelder?
We offer unlimited image uploads and unlimited galleries for display on your websites.
How large can I display my images?
You can display your images at any size with SiteWelder. We suggest some different sizing options based on your preferences and your viewers, but you can customize your image sizing to your preference. We also offer image-scaling on some of our latest HTML5 designs - larger images get automatically scaled down on smaller monitors. This can be a nice way to display large and bold images for larger monitors but still allow viewers on laptops to see your images.
Can I change my design or color theme?
Yes, you can change your design and color theme anytime you wish for no additional fee. SiteWelder was designed from the ground up to give you the ability to change your designs or color themes anytime you wish. The content on your website, including your images and content for your informational pages, flows seamlessly into different designs. You can choose between our 26 built-in designs and over 850 color themes and also create a customized color theme for your website.
Do I need a domain name to use with SiteWelder?
Most users have a domain name with their site, but it isn't necessary. We can create a sub-domain for you, as in "http://yourName.SiteWelder.com".
I already have a domain name - can I use it?
Yes, absolutely. Most of our users already have a domain name and we "point" it towards your SiteWelder site as part of your initial setup.
Do you support SSL (secure socket layer)?
Yes, we display your website with SSL automatically for no extra charge.
Can I have more than one domain name pointing towards my SiteWelder site?
Yes. Many of our users have multiple domain name names pointed towards their site setup. We don't charge extra for multiple domain name setups.
Can I use my logo and identity materials on my site?
Yes, it's easy to upload your logo to display on the pages of your site. We will help you to integrate your logo material as well. With your informational pages, you can upload other branding materials, including association logos and links to other related vendors.
Can I upload videos, audio or other multimedia?
Yes, our system supports embedded media. Our built-in video display for galleries makes it easy to display your videos from Vimeo albums and YouTube and Vimeo videos are easily diplayed on your informational pages.
Can I sell my work online?
Yes. SiteWelder has a built-in integration with PayPal shopping. You can easily enter pricing information for your work and display purchasing options. A built-in shopping cart connects your users to a secure checkout, where they can pay with credit card or PayPal. There are no extra charges for the shopping options.
Can my SiteWelder site be hosted on another server?
No. SiteWelder is built with a propietary content-management system which requires you to use our hosting setup. This enables you to access the powerful features of SiteWelder, where you can change your content and update your site anytime you wish.
Do you offer FTP service?
Yes, we include a complementary FTP account with your website for client downloads and uploading Lightroom web galleries.
Do I need to learn HTML or computer coding?
No - most of our users know little about complex HTML coding or computer programming. With SiteWelder, we handle all of the complicated HTML and coding issues. All you need is your work and your business ideas. For users who want to go in and tweak their HTML coding on informational pages, our PageEditor allows you to go in and tweak the source code. For most users, our PageEditor will make it very easy to create beautifully-designed informational pages for their contact information, resume, pricing, etc.
Can I create private galleries?
Yes, you can easily set up private gallereries in your website which are accessed with a simple password. For larger jobs, our PicProofs is built into your SiteWelder website and allows for image downloads, favorites and more.
Can I create custom online forms for contact pages?
Yes, our system has a built-in form creator which makes it easy to create an attractive contact page. You can also create other online forms.
Do you offer email service?
With our DomainWelder.com service, we offer top-flight email service through Godaddy with prices starting at $1.99 monthly. We can also route your email address with your personal domain name directly into your Gmail email account. Additionally, many of our site owners use zoho.com for their email - Zoho offers free email for accounts up to 5GB of storage and has reasonably priced accounts for larger accounts.
What kind of site statistics do you offer?
We include site statistics reporting setup for your site, updated hourly. It keeps your site statistics for up to a year, and graphs your users and overall traffic, including search terms and sites linking to you. We strongly suggest you can use Google Analytics, which integrates seamlessly into our system. Google Analytics provides extensive detailed tracking of your website traffic and is free to use.
If I stop using SiteWelder, what happens to my content?
We archive your site content and setup - if you decide to come back to us, we can turn your site back on for no additional charge. You can't take your pages with you, however.
What kind of discounts do you offer?

For second sites, everything is half-price, from startup fees to hosting.

We offer discounts on subscription fees as a member discount to ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers.
How long has SiteWelder been in business?
SiteWelder started hosting dynamic websites in 2002. Thousands of customers later, SiteWelder is a successful and growing company built to securely and dynamically grow your web business through great-looking and fast-loading websites. Starting as a collaboration of web companies Tango Interactive and Netstreet Networks, we built SiteWelder as a fusion of design and technology in an effort to provide an affordable website solution to creative professionals. We are expanding our technical capabilities, increasing our bandwidth capabilities and always expanding our design possibilities to serve our customers in continually better ways.

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