SiteWelder Users : Fine Art
SiteWelder's fine art users include photographers and artists in a variety of disciplines, including painters, sculptors and glassmakers.
Claudio Edinger
Claudio Edinger is a Brazilian with a long biography of accomplishments in the editorial and fine art world of photography, with 11 published books and work in over 25 collections around the world.
Becky Gottsegen Figurative Ceramic Artist
Baton Rouge, Louisiana artist Becky Gottsegen creates life-size standing figures in a whimsical form.
John Petrey Sculptor
Chattanooga, Tennessee artist John Petrey's whimsical sculptures range from dresses to outdoor animals.
A Museum Of My Own
Toronto photographer Eric Weiner Bancroft has produced a "personal museum" of his personal work on A Museum of My Own.
Wendy Paton Photography
Images from Wendy Paton's acclaimed series Visages de Nuit and Reclaiming Dignity are included in this fine art photographer's elegant website.
Calli McCaw Photography
New York and Hawaii photographer Calli McCaw is intrigued by the cross cultural aspects of and influences on modernity. Her husband Robert McCaw ( also uses SiteWelder.
George Diebold Photographs
George Diebold's work is part of the permanent collection of American Landscapes at the Montclair Art Museum, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum and The Nelson Atkins Museum.
The Outermost House
Photographer Debora Rosen showcases intimate sepia photographs (©1965) of Henry Beston‘s "outermost house" on Cape Cod. These rare photos are offered for purchase in a variety of prints sizes or as note cards.
Nick Fain Creative Retouching
California artist Nick Fain creates elaborate and striking photo illustrations and CGI work along with top-rate creative retouching work.
Jamie Cook Photography
Atlanta, Georgia photography and artist Jamie Cook now combines his photography with digital imaging to create fine art Iris giclée prints.
Tanya and Kevin specialize in ocean and diving photography, with published work in National Geographic Kids, Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, Caribbean Travel and Life, Undersea Journal and Islands Magazine. Their work is available as fine art prints.
Chicago Art Exchange
The Chicago Art Exchange is a South Loop gallery available for receptions, cocktail parties, private showings, and special events and also provides corporate and residential installations.
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