SiteWelder Users : Sports and Outdoor
Many of SiteWelder's users focus on sports and outdoor photography, from sports action and portrait images to nature and travel photography.
Crosbie Lorimer
Australian photographer and writer Crosbie Lorimer is a Sydney-based sailing journalist and sailor, covering all things sailing.
Rick Rickman Photography
California photographer Rick Rickman won a Pulitzer for his Olympic photography and has published work in National Geographic, Life, Sports Illustrated, and Smithsonian. He also has a published book about athletes..
Jamie Squire Photography
Jamie Squire shoots prime action and portraits of sports around the world. He works with Getty Images.
Matthew Sileo Photography
Virginian Matthew Sileo is a longtime birder and naturalist who brings his background to his exquisite images of the natural world.
Boone Speed Photography
Shooting a variety of sports and outdoor travel photography, Aurora photographer Boone Speed works for commercial, editorial and architectural clients.
Dan Allred Photography
Utah photographer photographs wildlife and travel images around the world, from Arizona to Cambodia to Zambia.
Simon Bruty
Sports photographer and portraitist Simon Bruty is based in Washington D.C. A long-time Sports Illustrated photographer, his action and portraits of athletes from Bryce Harper to Floyd Meriwether stand out in the crowd.
Timothy Floyd Photographer
Idaho photographer and surgeon Timothy Floyd has shot beautiful images of nature and landscapes for many years, with published work in Nature's Best magazine, Wilderness Medicine, An Atlas of Biodiversity of California, Photo Techniques and Studio Photography and Design.
Christopher Ross Photo
Aurora Photos photographer Christopher Ross loves the ocean in his dyanamic water sports imagery.
David Burnett Photography
Legendary Contact photographer David Burnett brings his unique vision to his imagery of major sporting events like the summer and winter Olympics.
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