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David Burnett
Photojournalist David Burnett is a legendary Contact photographer who keeps expanding his amazing body of work with a fresh vision and empathetic eye. From the Iran to Katrina, he brings back some of the best story-telling imagery.

Photojournalist Alex Quesada is well known for his stylized reportage from Latin America, the U.S. and the Caribbean.

Sculptor and illustrator Richard Newton uses steel "deconstruct the forms of faces and figures into abstract planes that are juxtaposed to establish visual tension."

Cargile Photography features Texas photographer Alicia Cargile´s gorgeous wedding and portrait work.

Photographer Keith Bernstein specializes in film stills, recently working on Game of Thrones, Invictus and American Sniper.

Portland photographer Boone Speed shoots amazing sports, lifestyle and advertising work, with a speciality in climbing sports.

Mellen Productions provides production and location services in the Atlanta area

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