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Design and Colors

With SiteWelder's 25 built-in-designs and 800+ color themes, you can pick and change your site style anytime you wish. With the click of your mouse, your images and text will flow beautifully into a new design choice. There is never a charge to change your design or color theme. If you have specific color themes or background images you want to use, we can easily customize these choices for you as well.

Take a look at our designs and
set up a demo site to see how good your work can look online.

design :: Santa Fe > view example site

HTML 5Designed from the ground up as an HTML 5 design, Santa Fe features dynamic thumbnail display and full-screen images.

With a built-in search capability, users can easily search through your images.

Images and thumbnails will automatically scale to fit your browser display, with easy navigation and an intuitive interface.


design :: Copenhagen > view example site

HTML 5Copenhagen is a dynamic HTML 5 design which features vertical scrolling through dynamically-sized images.

Many users prefer quickly scrolling through images in a vertical display. In our example here, we've uploaded the images at 1920 by 1200 pixels. With image scaling, though, the homepage and gallery images look great on all monitor sizes, even small laptops.

On smaller monitors or with browsers set to a narrow width, the images automatically scale down to fit the width of the display. Captions and optional shopping cart buttons display below images. Arrows display on the top and bottom of each image on mouse rollovers to direct the user up and down the page.

With a built-in search engine, Copenhagan also allows for quick searches on image captions and gallery names.


design :: Melbourne > view example site

HTML 5Melbourne is a dynamic HTML 5 compliant design which features amazing options for displaying scalable images.

With Melbourne's dynamic image display, your images will automatically scale down or scale up on different monitor sizes. In our example here, we've uploaded the images at a full 2560 by 1440 pixels - that's the size of a 27" monitor! With image scaling, though, the homepage and gallery images look great on all monitor sizes, even small laptops.

As with all of SiteWelder's designs, audio can be included on the home page and inside galleries. Melbourne also looks great on mobile devices.



design :: Milan > view example site

With Milan, you get the best of design and functionality. Images display boldly in the middle of the layout with easy-to-use navigational buttons. Milan is a "liquid" design: the design flows naturally to fill up the entire browser window.

With the Flash slideshow option, galleries in Milan have a great stylish feel, with the images floating sharply against the middle background.

Available in over 30 color themes, Milan can look simple or cutting-edge modern.


design :: Prague > view example site

With its built-in image scaling, Prague can be a great choice for displaying your images large on big monitors while scaling down the images to fit a smaller laptop monitor.

For this design example, we've uploaded a series of large (1920 x 1200 pixel) images for the home page - one of the images comes up randomly each time you reach the home page. This kind of entry page can be done for any of our layouts.

You can use site-wide audio with Prague as well - the music will start playing after entering the site from the home entry page.


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