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Websites for Creative Professionals CELEBRATING 12 YEARS OF SERVICE

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SiteWelder Features:

  • Easily create your site with just a web connection and your images
    SiteWelder allows you to easily
    create your web site with our elegant server-based system. Just log onto SiteWelder from any computer (Mac or PC), upload your images and move them into your galleries. You can easily create informational text pages for information about you and your work with our exclusive PageEditor. With PageEditor, you can edit with a WYSIWIG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) viewer without having to learn HTML coding. Including photos, PDF files or video files into your site is a snap as well.

  • Update your site from anywhere, 24/7
    Make changes to your site - easily add images, move them around and add captions. Update your informational text pages or change the look-and-feel to one of our 700+ layout/theme combinations. There is never a charge to upload images or make changes to your site.

  • Integrate your present site design into SiteWelder or modify an existing SiteWelder layout
    We can usually
    integrate your present site design into SiteWelder for a modest fee to give you the power to change your site content anytime your want. Or have us make some custom modifications to an existing SiteWelder layout you'd like to tweak to your specifications.

  • Personalized tech support from creation to everyday use
    We want to help you get the best possible results for your web site. We'll guide you through the subtleties of image quality for your uploads, show you how to optimize your site for search engines and answer any of your questions about our system. We're can talk to us directly by phone during normal business hours (9-7 pm EST), and we'll get back to you quickly during the weekends to answer your questions via email or phone.

  • No special software required - log on from your Mac or PC
    We do the magic on our end from our multi-processor servers - you'll never need to download software upgrades or worry about compatibility with your computer system. All you need is an Internet connection and your web browser. You can log on anytime from anywhere in the world via a secure log-in to update your site.

  • No programming required
    You don't need to learn HTML, Flash or hire a team of programmers to create your web site or make changes to your content. We do all the hard work to make sure your web site shows up great for all your visitors, whether they are on PCs or Macs. We constantly monitor new browser technology and keep your pages looking web perfect.

  • Show all of your work for a modest price
    A standard SiteWelder account has unlimited galleries and up to 5,000 images on our server - plenty of space to show most users' work. Additional images are available at only $5 a month for an additional 5,000 images. You can also create up to ten informational pages on your site for contact, bio, news, links or whatever you want to feature.

  • Free PayPal option to sell your work
    You can easily sell your work online through an integrated PayPal shopping cart option. All you need is a free PayPal account - PayPal handles the backend transactions with a standard credit card transaction fee, saving you thousands of dollars you'd spend on your own shopping cart setup.

  • Lightning-fast secure servers
    Your SiteWelder site is hosted in our ultra-secure space at
    Equinix.net, one of the Internet's premier hosting facilities. We host our sites on secure Mac multiprocessor servers with redundant backups and near-100% uptime.

  • Easy search engine indexing and optimization
    We get your site indexed in Google and MSN as part of your site setup. Our setup makes it very easy to enter meta tags to describe your site to others and to allow for multiple keyword indexing. The searchable meta tags are automatically changed on all of your pages when you update them. We help you enter text in optimized ways to make sure your site gets indexed and found the way you want it.

  • Feature-rich interface gives your viewers a fresh experience every time they come to your site
    Our random home page gallery option displays a different image on every new visit to your home page. We'll soon offer an option to easily display a dissolving slide show Flash movie of selected images for your home page and galleries.

  • Flash-based SlideShow galleries
    Easily create and display your galleries in slideshow format. Our powerful system allows you to include audio files and gives you the option to display your slideshows directly in your pages or as optional links from your regular gallery pages.

  • Choose your fonts
    SiteWelder enables you to choose between a range of fonts which are compatible with all web browsers so you can be sure your site looks the same to all visitors. Easily change the sizes and styles of fonts for different parts of your site - links, body text and headers.

  • Protect your images
    With our image-protection feature, right-click (or control-click on a Mac) saving of your images is disabled. Your customized copyright information is clearly displayed on all of your pages as well.

  • Customize your image sizes
    You can easily customize the display sizes of your images - our default image sizes can easily be changed to your specifications if you think your audience can view large images on big monitors.

  • You're in control
    With SiteWelder, you're always in control of the content and appearance of your site. Whether you want to add or move images, change gallery names, add or change informational pages, update your logo or completely change the look-and-feel of your site, you've got control over your site 24/7 from any computer in the world with an Internet connection and your secure password.

Integrate your website with SiteWelder

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Create your website with SiteWelder

Get your website online and running in only a few days with SiteWelder's amazing online tools.

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Update your website with SiteWelder

Update your site for free, 24/7. Don't wait weeks or months for an expensive web designer to update your web site.

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Integrate your website easily with SiteWelder

Love your current web site design? Integrate it into SiteWelder and make changes to your site from anywhere in the world.

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Update your website easily with SiteWelder

SiteWelder Users

SiteWelder users are photographers, artists, illustrators, gallery owners and anyone who wants to display their creative work in its best light.

Look through some of our users' sites to see how good images can look on the web with SiteWelder.

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